The grand finale of the Woermann 1Mil Cash Giveaway 2016  did not disappoint.

As from 80h30 some of the finalists already arrived and an air of expectation started to intensify as  the makeup and producer's dry-run was completed.

To complete formalities Arne Stier, managing partner at Stier Vente Associates, confirmed that the draw method used throughout the competition was fair. Daleen Reimers, Senior Buyer and Marketing manager of The Woermann Group, then expressed thanks to all customers and suppliers for their support over the years, this being the 122nd year of the existence of the Woermann Group.

More than 50 studio guests were glued to presenter Laurika Williams as she introduced the 10 finalists. Many of then traveled from as far as Ondangwa to try their luck.

When finalists one through five still did not manage to unlock the million dollar bearing safe the tension be came culpable almost reaching breaking-point when finalist number 8, Celine Usiku, opened the safe.

Celine, Laurika, guests and the film crew burst into a frenzy of excitement when the safe containing the N$1,000,000 cash finally opened.

Celine Usiku simply said that she does not know what she will do with the money,  because “they did not budget for it!”

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